Valli Ossolane

The Valli Ossolane appellation gained D.O.C. status in 2009, after centuries of wine making heritage. The grapes allowed in the blend for the Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo D.O.C. Superiore appellation must have a minimum of 11% ABV. Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo D.O.C. Superiore is the flagship wine from the local mountains. It must age for a minimum of 13 months of which 6 in oak barrels.


Production area: municipalities of Beura, Cardezza, Bognanco, Crevoladossola, Crodo, Domodossola, Masera, Montecrestese, Montescheno, Pallanzeno, Piedimulera, Pieve Vergonte, Premosella, Ornavasso, Trontano, Viganella, Villadossola, Vogogna - province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.


Varietals (%): Apply when Rosso is part of the appellation – Nebbiolo, Croatina or Merlot either alone or in blend,60% minimum. Other red, no aromatic varietal, up to 40% maximum; Apply when Bianco is part of the appellation – Chardonnay 60% minimum . Other white, no aromatic varietals up to 40% maximum. Apply when Nebbiolo and Superiore are part of the appellation – Nebbiolo 85% minimum. Other varietals when allowed for cultivation in Piedmont up to 15%.