Quintino Sella, eminent Italian statesman and economist, appointed Minister of Finance several times, chose Lessona wine to toast on the first government of Italy’s national unity.


Production area: municipality of Lessona, province of Biella.


Varietals (%): Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna) minimum 85%; other varietals such as Vespolina and Uva Rara (a.k.a. Bonarda Novarese) either alone or in blend up to 15% maximum.


Colour: Garnet with orangy hues if aged.


Nose: fine and intense with violet suggestions.


Palate: dry, sapid and pleasantly tannic.


Ageing: minimum 22 months of which 12 oak according to the designation guidelines. The Riserva version requires a longer ageing time of 46 months of which 30 in oak.


Serving temperature: 18°-20°C


Best if paired with: the all range of classic Piedmont disse such as boiled meats, game, long-seasoned cheeses and fondue.