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The estate member: admission procedures and requirements


1) All users of the Designation of Origin protected by the Consortium and involved in the business of viticulture and/or winemaking and/or bottling can join the Consortium, with specific reference to:


a - Agricultural entrepreneurs, both single or in third party partnership undertaking the above mentioned businesses.

b - Sales entrepreneurs and agricultural cooperatives that undertake winemaking and potentially bottling businesses.

c - All subjects who carry out bottling and trade businesses of Protected Denomination wines in their various configurations.


2) All acknowledgement to the Consortium is guaranteed to all subjects who have business interests in the designations of origins. The admission has to be submitted by written applications form by by providing:ù

a - the exact name or business name along with the name of its legal representative

b - address of the registered office and the headquarter

c - information on the Registry of Businesses choosing between: special section of agricultural entrepreneurs who fall into the producers category and standard section for others than agricultural entrepreneurs.

d - for wine-growers only: serial registration number and the vineyards registered in the Designation of Controlled Origin list of: Boca, Bramaterra, Colline Novaresi, Coste della Sesia, Fara, Gattinara, Ghemme, Lessona, Sizzano.

e - description of one’s own specific business carried out.

f - statement of awareness and knowledge of the Consortium for the Protection of Nebbioli Alto Piemonte Charter and the commitment to all the obbligations that come into force from legal resolutions adopted by corporate and political authorities as well as from any regulations.

g - Statement of authorising the Consortium, the category bodies which the Consortium is joined to, as well as the trustees third parties to manage personal and company data related to one’s own business development in compliance with Law â„– 675-1996 for accounting, administrative, statistical, communication, domestic and international dissemination, commercial, advertising and market research purposes.


3) As the Board of Directors has acknowleged all requirements are met, approval will follow within three months from application.


4) Unsuccessful applications can be appealed before the Judicial Panel according to procedures and terms specified in article â„–23.